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Welcome to Dave Pietromonaco's Home Page.

Personal Information

So, who is this Dave guy and what does his cat look like? 

Useful Information

Check out Dave's new household tip compendium. My chance to share with you some tips gleaned from my own experiences! (since I'm still adding things, I last updated the tips page on 4/22/1998) 

Things I've Researched

Have you ever wondered how much an American pays in taxes as a percent of income under our current tax plan? Find out the amazing truth on my old Income Tax page! (Note that the data was from 1996 and I haven't adjusted the numbers for inflation!)

Have you ever wondered how fast the current crop of microprocessors are? Find out the startling revelations on my new World's Fastest Microprocessors page!

Pretty Nerdy Information

Dave's e-mail Address Resolver

Ever wonder where that e-mail address really goes? Where the mail gets forwarded or what the real name of the machine is? Want to know if somebody gave you a bogus e-mail address or a real one? This is the page for you!

Automated Xearth markerfile service

Have you ever wanted to see a big display of the Earth on the background of your workstation? How about with all the world's largest earthquakes, tropical storms and some temperatures on it updated in real time?
(This service is still in a beta phase)

Nerd Tour of Silicon Valley

Did you ever want to find some of the nerdiest places in Silicon Valley? Maybe you're wondering where Apple Computer is, or where the old famous Garage where Hewlett Packard started is located? Wonder no more! Check out the Nerd Tour of Silicon Valley!!! This contains GPS locations of nerd sites fed into links for two major www map viewers so you can see exactly where these places are, as well as street addresses, photos and web links to site homepages. 

"No Limits" monitor .inf file for windows

Okay, so I bought a windows system. I was setting up a monitor switchbox between my PC and mac and broke the Plug & Play monitor setting. Good thing, too, because I discovered the default monitor driver was not letting me set all the video modes my monitor was actually capable of! What to do? Well, I wrote my own No Limits monitor driver which match the l

Things I've Written

Here's some of Dave's reviews of and insights on various things:
(Humor guaranteed or transmit back the unread portion!)

Arts & Music

I now have started my very own art page, consisting (surprisingly) of my very own art. Check out Dave's Art Page!

See the new Afterthought Fan Page and get a sample of the best new band to hit the Seattle scene!! (IMHO)

(Really! Complete samples of a couple of their songs!) 

Little Bits O'Junk

You may also listen to Homer Simpson saying a couple of his favorite phrases, wahoo, or laughing.
What you can't play sounds? A computer that doesn't play sounds is really boring!

Home Pages of my Friends

Home Videos

Boy, this is what the Internet is all about, right? Now I can share boring home movies with the entire WORLD! (well, my friends won't watch them anymore...)

Short video of my cat:

This is NOT a particularly exciting video. It lasts only a few seconds, has me getting her attention and her going, "meow."
But, here it is anyway, the Minnie-Mini-Movie which is 260k in size and has sound and video.

Weird things you won't see on "Wild America":

I was down by Shoreline Park playing with my new videocamera and I spotted a Blackbird Pecking at a Fluffy Squirrel. Darndest thing I've ever seen.
Blackbird & Squirrel Video is 570K in size and has no sound (actually, I was laughing so hard when I taped it, I just left the sound off)

Minnie Remembered

Videogames Corner

Actually, this isn't much of a corner, just some documents I wrote on How to Get the Rocket Launchers in Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2

Information on Sony products

I worked on the CXA2075.  Here's all the information I can find about it.

Pictures of a big, icky spider a friend found in their apartment.

Anybody know what this is? How about another photo or yet another photo. The spider's body was about an inch long. 

How These Pages Were Created

    Quality is definitely going up!  I can now make full digital transfers from my Sony DCR-VX1000 DV camcorder through my MotoDV Firewire system onto the computer; a Powermac 8500, upgraded to a 225MHz PowerPC 604e and 176MB of RAM.  Conventional photos are now scanned with my Hewlett Packard Scanjet 3c.
    Many older pages were created using my obsolete Mac IIsi (This is because my obsolete Lisa computer or Apple IIgs couldn't do the job), which I had accelerated up to 25MHz, so it's more like a IIci. The graphics were scanned from the camera of a Sony CCDV-220 and frame Video camcorder. Some of the photos were taken with this but still sampled through the videospigot since I didn't have an IEEE 1394 digital interface when I scanned them. Some images scanned from video I've done on my new Powermac 8500, using the built in video hardware. The map location for where I live (on the personal page) was determined with my Sony PYXIS GPS receiver.
    Connection to this page is brought to you by a dedicated ADSL, operating at 128kbps in your direction (1.2Mbps in mine :).  Sitting on my end of the ADSL in my living room is a Hewlett-Packard Pavilion 8240 running Apache HTTPD server on RedHad Linux.

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