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Dave Pietromonaco's Household Tips Page

Since I'm an admitted bachelor, you may be wondering what I would actually know about taking care of a house or apartment (or anything for that matter). Well, let me say that since I am a rather lazy (um, I mean I like to maximize return on effort expenditures) bachelor I hate to waste effort cleaning my apartment. I am therefore very motivated to find the most efficient ways of taking care of my apartment, car, etc. So I would like to share with you some of my favorite tips which I've collected over time.

I would like to note that I'm not affiliated with any products I mention these are things that have worked for me.

Also, be careful when using cleaners. Do NOT mix cleaners. Of the things I suggest, be especially sure not to mix the X14 and Comet. You can produce fumes that will hurt you!

This page really IS under construction. I have more tips which I haven't had time to add. If you have some things you'd like to share with me, please do e-mail me. (pietro[atsign]videoi.com (@ omitted to reduce spam. Use @ instead of [atsign] of course). 



Vinyl and Plastic Care

I'm probably going to get sued for this eventually, but here goes:
Rubber materials rot, tires crack and plastic material turns cloudy with that stuff. I've had auto detailers tell me that it has something to do with it being a water based solution. I have no idea, but I used to use it, myself, and it never protected anything that I could tell. When I asked around what would be good to use, I hear universally, "Clear Guard". I have been using this on my vinyl and plastic for several years, now (Including the black interior of my car which sits out in the California Sun (TM) all day while I'm at work. I've had great success with this stuff and my car's interior still looks brand new. No cracking, fading or decay of the rubber and plastic.

Which leads me to:

Your Car

Kitchen (or Dining Room) Table

Well, my dining room table has a semi-porous white surface. (Yeah, sounds stupid, doesn't it? :) But it's not that bad. I simply use a spray wax when I dust it, (I like anti-static "Spring Fresh" Pledge) and spills just wipe up and don't soak in.

You can also use a similar trick for marble (which is highly porous) surfaces, using professional marble wax for them.

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