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Welcome to the Afterthought Fan Page!

So the question you're asking is undoubtedly:

What is an afterthought..., anyway?

Well, in this case, it's simply the hottest band to hit the Seattle scene in a large number of years! If you live in the Seattle area, they're worth checking out. And, hey, they're cheap, so it's a pretty darned good entertainment value.

Upcoming Performances

None scheduled at the moment. They're getting their new set together, and finishing off a new release!

Here's the latest update as of May 25th:

They've got a gig scheduled...  More info to follow!

Check out some of their early songs!

These songs were done while the band was still a three piece (now it's four) and are from their first demo tape:

Exclusive! - Sound clip from the new recording

Here's a rough mix from the new recording. Excerpt from In Her Head (313k Sun Sound file)

Meet the Band!

Hey, check out the Official Afterthought... homepage, run by the band itself! There's also information on how to order real copies of their music...
If you live near Seattle and would like to get on the Afterthrought... mailing list, or just have questions for Afterthought..., please e-mail Paul Pietromonaco:

If you have questions about the Afterthought Fan Page, please e-mail me:
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Note: I have no relation to the band, Afterthought... (Okay, other than that Paul's my big brother)