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The World's Fastest Microprocessors

Now updated for SPEC 2000!

Many people spend most of their day worrying about just how quickly their computer is becoming obsolete.

I know I do. smiley face

Well, worry no more! Now, you'll know positively how quickly your computer is becoming obsolete with my new listing of the fastest microprocessors! Generated automatically on my system (which is now obsolete) from the data archives of the keepers of the Specmarks themselves every month.

These programs determine the fastest processors by name, using only single CPU systems. Occasionally, there are some inconsistencies in the naming of the processors which might make a double entry, but I try to eliminate those (for example, sometimes a processor is listed as "Pentium Pro" and then later as "Pentium Pro Processor" and I try to filter this out).

Also note that the processor speeds reported are highly system dependent so the manufacturer of the system and system name are listed. (Speeds are actually reported to Spec based on the systems, not the microprocessors)

These are the obsolete spec 95 last lists. I don't run these anymore.

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