This page has been disabled because of spamming. Virtually everybody has turned off e-mail address resolving/verification to prevent spam trolling, so this really hasn't been much use for a few years, now.

Verify and Expand e-mail addresses by querying Unix sendmail daemons!

Type in an e-mail address and this program will look up the system, ask it to resolve the address and then if it succeeds, it will print the result.

Furthermore, if the daemon (background process) has been instructed to forward the mail to another location, my program will resolve the new address. It will do this for up to 25 recursions, or until it reaches an address that is not resolveable or reaches the final resolved address.

This program can not resolve all e-mail addresses. It depends on how the target systems have been configured. In no way will this program attempt to 'hack' into systems. All information returned is freely available, but you do have to speak 'sendmail' to get it.

Type the e-mail address you wish to look up. It should be in the form 'user@host' (If you omit the host, the system this program runs on will be used as the host. That's probably not what you want.)

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