How to get the Rocket Launcher in Resident Evil 2 with Leon A

Yet Another Resident Evil 2 Walkthrough
Copyright (c) 1998 David Pietromonaco
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First, my introduction.  If you're like me, you played the original Resident Evil enough to get the special keys and rocket launchers for both Jill and Chris.  The difference with this game is that the $#!$@# zombies don't die very easily!  You have to shoot them very rapidly and continuously with the handgun to kill them.  You have to aim the shotgun up if they're close or you blow them in two and they chew on your leg, making it difficult to shoot several at once.  So, we have to use the ammo carefully.  For this walkthrough, I tried to get the handgun upgrade as soon as possible since it makes the limited supply of bullets last longer.  I only use the magnum for fighting the Big guy, and generally use the shotgun for zombies.  I also use the handgun for dogs.  I don't use the knife for anything in this walkthrough, it takes too long.  When you want to get the special key, though, it's very useful.  I recommend not worrying about it on this time through.  You can get the special key next time and then it's really easy to blow old Brad away with the Rocket Launcher (or even the infinite machine gun you'll have by then, but that's another walkthrough... (Claire B, to be exact)).  Anyway, I expect you to have run through Leon at least once since I won't go into great detail on where everything is.  Just enough to guide you through.  Having said all that, here's the walkthrough!

Starting as Chris Leon, skip both initial FMV's by pushing action and start (alternately, sometimes repeatedly).  Select the "Normal" difficulty.

Run straight - when screen changes, turn right.  Go over to sidewalk & run to next screen.  Head around far side of next zombie to the corner screen with the tanks.  Turn left & hug left wall past first zombie, then as soon as perspective changes head right past the second.  Run into door & run forward.  Wait through scene.  Get H. Bullets at the back of the room left of the back door.

Run out the back like a scared chicken.  :)

Run Past zombies behind fence all the way to the end.  Pick up H. Bullets from back of van and return to look-down perspective scene.  Kill 3 zombies, or knock them down & get by them.  Run around one still in the fence area.

In next (crate) area, stand on crate & kill or knock down next 3 zombies, then run past 3rd one to exit.

Run past all zombies to bus.  Enter.  Pick up bullets, stomp on lady, stun the other & run past.

Last area!  Run left (toward screen) until the scene change then head right & hug right side & enter.  Run r the overpass, pick up herb, enter precinct.  Head to back left & enter door to listen to the dying guy.

* Run around back & pick up bullets, unlock doors with the computer save game (optional, but recommended in case the licker gets a good lick at you)Go down ramp & exit door.  Open box, take only handgun & H. Bullets.  Continue out the back to hallway.

Examine dead guy on floor, get H. bullets. Approach dripping blood, skip FMV.  Immediately approach the licker (he'll jump at you and slash you causing much damage if you don't!) Shoot! Kill!  Get herb (use it, probably) and exit.

Enter room with double doors.  Get H. Bullets, & use lighter to get jewel.  Back to hall & continue.  Exit hall through door at end.  Shoot zombie on left to stun & run past up stairs.

Push statues to get jewel.  Exit to another hallway & kill 3 zombies.  Enter S.T.A.R.S. office.  Get shotgun (in cabinet) get H. Bullets (Near big emblem).  Get Chris' diary & unicorn medal.  Talk to Claire.  Get F. Aid spray on top of small shelf opposite the shotgun cabinet.

Go back downstairs.  Equip your shotgun & kill three zombies at bottom of stairs.  Get two herbs, if necessary but don't enter darkroom, (Unless you really need bullets).  Go back out to the hall.  Watch out for the arms as  you go by the windows (hug the inside wall to avoid them).  You won't see them again.  Go to fountain & use unicorn medal to get spade key.

Return to hallway.  Use spade key in first door.  Push the cart to get crank and get the ribbons from the cabinet.  Continue down hall back to the darkroom.  Get bullets and ribbon from the room.   Open the box and ditch the crank and ribbons.  Head back upstairs.

Go all the way to the end of the hall and use the spade key in the final door.  Enter & run around zombies to the back, get the H. Bullets from the crevice there.  Use your final shots from the shotgun and finish the zombies off with your handgun.  Kill!!  Head out the door to the library and up the stairs.  Run all the way around to fall through the floor.  Flip the switch to turn on the shelves.  Run around and move the far left shelf one space right.  While it is still moving, head to the next shelf over and move it one space to the right also.  Now go get your bishop plug.  Get the red herb and exit the library to the upstairs of the main police hall where you came in from outside.

Turn left, shoot guard to knock him down (don't bother killing these guys, they won't be here the next time through, anyway).  Run around to the other side (lower the ladder as you go past the center!) and exit the door.

* Get the small key on the couch, and the ink ribbon.  I recommend saving your game here.  Go to the box, carry only Handgun & bullets, empty shotgun & two red jewels.  Don't bother putting the ribbon away, we'll pick up some more.

Go out past the typewriter and kill the two zombies.  Then run out through the bird hall & through door at far end leading to helicopter crash.

Go down stairs and avoid the 4 zombies (fairly easy, actually) waiting there.  Enter room.  Get pump handle, bullets & ribbons.  Exit, avoiding the zombies again, go back upstairs.  Use handle and get bullets from the helicopter.  Go back through bird hall to the interior crash hall.

Enter statue room.  Get ribbons, diamond key & use two red jewels to get king plug.

Going to have to drop off some crap, now.

Go back to waiting room & drop off king plug & valve handle & ink ribbons.  Don't save, though.  Run out into the bird hall and out the first door to the back stairs.  Go down and enter.  Get the bullets off the body just inside.  Shoot & kill  3 zombies in main room.  Get shells from safe (combo is 2236)  Go out.  Kill Kill Kill!  Run to end of hall (kill along the way) get small key from last room on right.  Use diamond key in other door and get spray & plug. (don't get the cord).  After you pick up the plug from the shelf, turn and RUN out!

Go back out to the main entrance hall and go up the emergency ladder you lowered earlier.  Go into library & out side door to open the drawer with the acquired small key & UPGRADE your handgun!!  (Heh, heh!)  Continue around & down the stairs by the darkroom & use precinct key off the hallway there.  Ready your shotgun and enter.  Kill! Kill!  Get shells & exit side door, ignoring other zombies.  Get heart key away from now zombie friend (press and hold your fire buttons durning his change so you will shoot immediately) & go out to juggle inventory at the box in the room just off the main entrance hall.

* Get small key, drop off everything but heart key, shotgun, handgun ammo & a single slot ribbon.  Open the desk there, get bullets, then go out to the main hall and save game with your single ribbon that now vanishes.  Go to the back of the whatever room (where you came down the back stairs from outside to find the body and the safe was in there) and use the heart key.  Enter the hallway.  Get shotgun shells from the cabinet behind the stairs.  Go down the stairs.  Equip your auto pistol & get ready to kill dogs!

Go into double doors, push switches (up down up down up) then go to parking lot & meet ada.  Push the truck.  There's a herb in back of the room if you need it.

Now you can exit to the cells.  In first cell is blue herb & a green herb.  In the second is a video with Ben.

When you go, get the manhole cover opener.

Exit.  (get bullets if you didn't already) go through kennel direcly to manhole.  Open it, and go down.

Run past spiders, go upstairs.  Go out other door & immediately turn back through the door.  This triggers the next Ada clip.

As Ada, kill dogs.  Run out to push crates & get key.  Also should run other way to get extra shells and then return.

* Toss key and shells to leon, then he can pick them up & save game in store room.  Take shotgun, handgun, ammo & green herb & crank!  Go out back past spiders (hug your right side walls) & up to parking & back out toward autopsy room hall.  Kill klickers.  Shotgun for first, pistol for second.  Enter autopsy room & re-equip your shotgun.  Get red keycard and run out.  One good shotgun blast should clear the way for you to get out.  Don't bother killing them.

Head to the right.  There's bullets in the trash and then just inside the door there is a red herb.  Don't head past the red herb and you don't have to worry about the dogs there.  Head back out the door and down the hallway to use the keycard in the weapons room lock.  Get weapons (sidepack & 2 bullets & shells from ammo room).
[Note: I don't bother with the machine gun since it takes up two spaces and I never needed it.  Claire will have the rocket launcher, though so she won't need it, either!]

Go back up the stairs to the mansion.  Enter the club door behind the stairs.  Get shells and Magnum!  Continue around house to the second club door.  Get first aid spray.  Light the main fire, then center right and left spigots in that order.  get gold cogwhell.  Exit.  Get red herb in hall.  If you need health there are still 3 herbs outside but it'll take longer to get them.  I suggest going to the main hall, going up the emergency ladder and blasting the licker there with your shotgun.  Head straight for the clock tower (you did remember your crank, right?).

Use Crank, go up use gold cogwheel get the plug.  Go down the chute & watch movie.  Go back to the sewers.  Dodge spiders again!  (3rd time! :) & go back to store room & load up.  All you need is the magnum, rounds & the four plugs.  6-7 shots from the magnum will kill the big beastie.

* Use the plugs and head through the sewer to the next save point, control room 2.  Before you save, pick up the bullets & f. aid spray.  Get the magnum rounds and shells down in the warehouse behind the moveable panel.
Leave here with the pistol, shotgun, ammo & valve handle!

Ada's turn!  She can't do anything but run down to meet the gator.  So, skip the FMV and hustle through.  Now leon wakes up, runs out to the hallway.  Go pick up the shells & wolf medal in the alcove past the ladder.  Then run past spidders through the door, past more spiders, then exit.

Use valve handle, get 2 herbs & shells  (don't bother saving, gator is EASY!)  Raise bridge back up!!  Go out, activate gator, then run back & activate emergency canister on the wall.  As soon as the gator picks it up, shoot!  (boom!)  Run to meet Ada.

Now run out across the bridge, get the other medal from the top of the ramp, use valve handle on fan (for the last time!) & go across to where the spiders were.  Now they're zombies, still easy to dodge!  Run past them, then past spiders in next room to use your medals.  Exit.

Head to the little tram.  Dodge the hand, shoot it with your pistol.  When the tram stops, go out and around and light the flare and get the key there!  (This is really important, it's the weapon box key!)

* Start blasting zombies!  I just knock them down with the pistol.  Path is right to exit.  Next room is left to exit.  (Right has 2 herbs if you need them, though)  Past the exit is your next save game point!  First pick up the magnum rounds & shells & f. aid spray.  Use the box and take your magnums & magnum rounds and head to the tram-vator.  (I vaguely recall there was the last bullets for the handgun of the game between some barrels on the left on the way to the tramvator but I don't see it in my notes).

Skip FMV.  Inside the tramvator get key & magnum rounds.  Use key outside, go back inside.  Go back outside and fight big guy with your magnum.  Go back in the tramvator and then head into the factory.  Watch drama unfold!

* Get shells, herb & magnum rounds.  Save game if you want.  Don't take an extra health with you because we'll pick up a f. aid in the next room, the deep freezer.  Head there (left path from the center fuse area) & get the f. aid spray and use the fuse case to get main fuse.

Run back to center & install fuse.  Equip your shotgun.  Run to the other side and open shutter.  Immediately RUN past the plants and exit!!  (They won't get you if you hurry, and it doesn' t pay to kill them since they'll be back anyway).  Blast THIS plant, though!!  Kill it!  There's two herbs here if you need them.  Go down & meet 3 lickers.  There's some herbs there, too.

* Enter control room.  You may save your game, too.  Take weapons, health & weapon box key!  Save room (2 spaces) for red herb, too.  Enter the far hallway & head to the room on the left.  Use the weapon closet to upgrade your magnum (save your rounds for the BIG bad guy, though, equip your shotgun) & blast through some zombies to get the lab key.  Exit (grab that red herb in the hall) skip the moth room, Claire won't need the machine gun ammo upstairs (she'll have the rocket launcher!).  Exit back to control room.

Pass through control room & blast licker that drops.  Head upstairs.  Dodge the two plants at the top of the stairs (hug the left side).  It's not  worth all the time and ammo it takes to kill them, honest.  (They'll probably grab you once on your way back, though.  It's no big deal, I always took more damage trying to kill them and it takes tons of ammo!).  Anyway, run around to the lab (don't go back outside! Zombies there & Ada is gone already, anyway).

Enter the lab.  (Discard key if you entered the moth room anyway).  Get F. aid spray & magnum rounds.  Kill zombies turn on lights, get MO disk.  Leave & talk to Mrs. G-monster.  You'll get the G Virus & the self-destruct sequence will activate.

Now run around the center fuse back to the west side.  Annette & Ada will bug you for awhile.  After your moment of despair has passed :) head onward.  Pass the plant again (he always grabs me here so have your health up before you go :) & head downstairs.  Kill the naked zombies & unlock the door.

* Here I recommend running to the back to the control room for a quick save!  Plus you can load up on health, your now kick-butt supermagnum & rounds and drop off the keycard.   Run back down the hall, exit the door & activate the lift.

Three shots will transform the beast, and ~5 or so more will finish him!  Now run to the lift out the hall & sit back & see how you did!

I finished in 2:25 with a 'B' rank & 9 saves, but I was writing this & fiddled with some extra stuff, too, so it took longer than it would have otherwise.  I think using the magnum upgrade counts as a superweapon, so you only get a 'B' rank, but so what... you get the rocket launcher in your bin on the next game!