How to get the Rocket Launcher in Resident Evil with Chris Redfield

Yet Another Resident Evil Walkthrough
Copyright (c) 1997, 1998 David Pietromonaco,
All rights reserved.
You may distribute this document, but do not alter it in any way.

First of all, I am assuming a few things:
A. You have already played the Chris Redfield scenario enough to be familiar with where everything is, because I won't go into great detail, and you won't be picking up any maps.
(If you're like me, you started with Jill, finished everything, got the rocket launcher with her, then finished everything a few more times, then played Chris to the end, then decided that it would be more fun if HE had the rocket launcher...)

B. This has probably left you a pretty decent shot in the game.  This walkthrough requires that you be able to kill about two white zombies or two dogs with about  one clip (15 shots) worth of ammo.  This is actually not hard to do PROVIDED you  don't miss much.  (If you can't do this, you are going to have a tough time anyway, so practice your zombie shooting.  Shoot it, if it falls down and there's no blood, shoot one shot down, wait for it to stand, then shoot straight, repeat as necessary) ((Some scenes you can't be sure if the zombie has a pool of blood because it's dark, There is enough time to wait in this walkthough to give it a chance to stand, although for the white zombies, you have time to run at it and if you can't pass through it unhindered, get back because it's going to come to life again)  (For Dogs, you can shoot them as soon as they sit up, if they crouch you will miss shooting straight.  For dogs you can't see, the growl is coordinated with the standing of the dog, get used to firing near the end of the second growl 'throb' (a second or two after your last shot) they will wimper when finally killed)) ((if the zombie doesn't 'thud' when it falls, you haven't killed it.  If it does 'thud' it sill may not be dead, however.  Big help that is))

C. You don't have to be a "wonder shot" however.  Many people can kill snakes and spiders and zombies with knives, pea shooters, etc. without getting a hangnail.
I'm not one of those.
My strategy is to walk up to something, stand my ground and shoot and don't miss.  I keep it simple.  If I couldn't get through a tricky section (after a save) at least 90% of the time, I figured it was not repeatable and I found a different way)

D. You MUST run everywhere unless otherwise indicated.  You won't have time to walk. Also, you should hold down your button whenever text appears (to speed it up) or you get an item.  Also use the action button to skip all skippable full motion videos. (first zombie encounter, cranking the water gate in the garden, placing the medals, seeing tyrant, etc)

General strategy before we start the walkthrough:
The problem with Chris is he can't carry very much.  Also, he doesn't get as much ammo as Jill because she gets more powerful ammo so needs fewer shots.  Also there are more nasties around.  This means, he must juggle his inventory carefully, and conserve ammo whenever possible.  To juggle the inventory, I moved things a piece at a time here and there and try to use the keys in all doors as I pass them (even if I don't want to go in) so they will vanish and free up inventory slots.  The critical part of the walkthrough is the beginning in the mansion before you first go out the back.  This is where you will do most of your running around.  I tried to keep the running back and forth to a minimum, you need to go back and forth to get the chemical and again to get the shotgun.  I tried to fit everything into those two passes.

When I give directions, it is RELATIVE TO THE DIRECTION CHRIS FACES WHEN ENTERING THE AREA.  This was easier for me since moving the control pad right means right.

I've broken this up into two parts for each number.  The first is the brief instructions so if you get confused you can look quickly at this to remind you what
to do, the second is the more complete description you should read before doing the whole section to the next save game.

One last thing.  Chris leaves Jill & Rebecca to meet their respective fates on their own in this walkthrough.  Since you don't actually see them die and the place doesn't blow up, you can rescue them with the rocket launcher you get when you finish.  :)

Chris Redfield Walkthrough to get the Rocket Launcher:

1. Start Chris.  Skip movie, enter dining room, go to inner hall look at zombie, skip FMV return to dining room, return to hall, get Jill's gun, equip it.
1. Start Chris.  (Skip the movie at the beginning, I don't know if this counts against you or not, but why take the chance).  Wait through intro scene (listen to Jill's last words :) and enter the dining room.  Run to the far door on the right and exit.  Go left, look at the zombie (Skip FMV) and run back to the dining room and then back out to the hall.  Get Jill's gun and equip it.

2. Go upstairs, enter left double doors, push statue, shoot zombie on other side of statue, shoot down, shoot again, finish pushing statue, push statue over edge, run like mad to far door.
Go upstairs, head up the left stairs and through the upstairs double doors to the balcony above the dining room.  Immediately run left (Chris' left, remember) and push the statue ahead until you run into the other zombie.  Shoot the zombie(*1), when he falls shoot down once, then shoot him until he dies.  Push the statue ahead until you can push it over (Hurry, the other one is now coming around and is visible behind you!)  (A good way to tell when you've pushed it far enough is it will line up between the two placemats you can see on the table below) push the statue off the edge and run like mad ahead to the far door on the right, leaving the other zombie.

(*1) If you're really a studmuffin, you can kill the zombie with your knife since he can't get around the statue.  I only managed this once, as it took too long and the other zombie caught up with me and chewed on my head.

3. Run past zombies.  Go down stairs.  Shoot & kill approaching zombie.  Run into Rebecca room.  Get clips from box, store knife & F.Aid spray.  Get key from bed. (take Baretta, clips, Sword key).  Leave room, do NOT let Rebecca go with you.
3. There will be three zombies in the next room, if you run and don't stop, you can get through without them chomping on you, just spit.  This won't really hurt you enough to worry about.  Go down the stairs.  There will be a zombie approaching you.  Turn and shoot and kill it.  (it will fall down, get up, etc).  You must kill it otherwise two will gang up on you when you leave the Rebecca room and you will be munched.  You should have just enough shots to kill it but there is always the knife if you're desperate.  :)  As you approach Rebecca room, a zombie will be behind the stairs, ignore him and enter the room.  Drop off the spray (or use it if you got munched on twice, but it's best to put it away for later) and the knife and get the clips from the box.  Get the key on the bed.  When Rebecca asks if she should go with you, say NO because otherwise you will have to control her later and it takes way too much time.

4. Kill zombie under stairs, go around two corners, kill next zombie and exit door at end of passage.  Immediately run RIGHT, hugging right wall, past zombie and unlock and exit door at end of hallway.  Kill original red zombie and get 2 clips from Kenneth's body.  Run to music room, push cabinet, get notes, use on piano, have Rebecca practice.
4. No explanation necessary here but you have to skip the white zombies in the hall because you don't have enough ammo to take them on and get the red one.  They won't touch you at all if you hug the right wall.

5. Leave to inner hallway, go to dining room, head to main hall, get ribbons (not a save point though) head through opposite double doors to art room.  Push thingie, get ink ribbon in back room (avoiding zombie) then unlock back door and exit to DOG hallway.  Kill dogs, get clip from behind middle cabinet.  Exit to twisty hallway.
5. Don't save the game because there is really nothing that should be killing you around here yet.  The tricky part was the getting to the Rebecca room, I promise. :) You can avoid the floor zombie easily by walking around him hugging the wall on Chris' right as he enters.  Leave hugging the same wall.

6. Run to bathroom, drain tub, get key, exit, run rest of hall and exit double doors. Kill 2 zombies, then enter crow room and get star crest, leave.  Go through grey door kill white zombie.  Enter the storage room.  Get chemical. drop off Crest and  small key.
6. In the crow room, push switches in order under the pictures of baby, Infant, boy,  young man, middle aged man, old man, deathbed guy.  The last will reveal the star crest.


7. Leave the storeroom (take baretta, clips, chemical, sword key) head back through the twisty, dog and main halls to the dining room.  Get shield, go to piano room and swap shields, return to dining room and replace gold shield.  Do NOT take the key.  Get the blue JEWEL.

8. Head to the inner inner hall and get ready to kill the zombies you skipped earlier.  Advance a bit to activate the first one, then kill him.  You should have just enough shots left.  Unlock caretaker's door, (discard key) enter and get clip on bed.  (Don't get shells yet).  Go back out and kill other two zombies.  Then go to tiger room and put jewel in tiger; don't take crest yet.
Head to plant room.

9. Enter plant room, use chemical in pump.  You should have only baretta and maybe some clips if you're a darned good shot.  Pick up two reds, two greens, mix red & green, then pick up two last greens and mix them.  Get Armor key.
Return to Rebecca room.  Heal if necessary.
9. Don't use any herbs because Rebecca will heal you next.


11 Take (ARMOR key, desk (small) key and clips).  Do NOT take baretta!
11. You will have no enemies this trip until you get shotgun.

12. Exit, go to armory use desk key get shells get clip get broken shotgun.

13. Head back to dining room, get shield key.

14. Go to main hall, UNLOCK (but do not enter) Red single door.  Go through blue doors.
14. Unlocking doors is important because the key will vanish at a necessary time!

15. Go through dog hall.  Through door.  UNLOCK (but do not enter) outside iron door.
Go to shotgun room get shotgun, equip it and drop off broken one.

16. Go to stairs by storeroom entrance.  Go up.  Kill both zombies near top of stairs
Go to antler room.  Unlock, enter (may be zombie here).
16. Ignore zombie at far end of hallway (toward fireplace room) it won't bother you.

17. In left room get shells & ink ribbon.  In right room, get shells.
17. In left room, push switch on bug case to drain tank, move it, move cabinet, shells are there.  ribbon is in lab coat.  In the other room, forget the lighter it takes too long to get the other shells with it, because you are stuck with the lighter that won't go away, forcing excess trips all over the mansion.  Big time waster.

18. Go back out hallway around to 'U' hall. Kill zombie, UNLOCK (but do not enter) the armor suit room.  Proceed around hall, kill zombie, unlock side door.  Discard armor key.

19. Enter door, get clip from Richard go to far door and kill awaiting zombie.
Get clip from dark room.  Go up stairs UNLOCK door, discard shield key and do NOT enter.

20. Return to 'U' hall, enter armor suit room, push statues over holes, push switch and get sun crest.

21. exit to upstairs hall.  Go to crow hall and get small key, go outside and get clip in front of Forrest's body
21. Do NOT look at Forrest.  This will trigger the crows.  The clip is before him.

22. Return to main hall, go downstairs go through red door.  Get clip.  Head back, shoot zombie, open desk, get shells.  Go to back door, walk around slow zombie and get ink ribbon.  Return to main hall.
22. If the floor zombie happens to chew you, there are two herbs in the room to take.


23. Go upstairs to snake room, pick up one herb from the corner near Richard, this should fill your inventory.

24. Go battle snake.  Use herb, get moon crest.  Get shells.  Go outside and collapse.
24.  Some of you better shots out there can kill the snake without getting hurt. As the snake comes around the column, head around the other side to the alcove in back.  Shoot the snake from there.  In our case, we NEED the snake to bite us so just wait until you get good shots and don't miss.  Don't put more than 5 shots into it before it can come around to bite you.  After you get bit a few times, take the herb, too.  Don't miss the snake, you don't need to waste ammo.  Shouldn't take more than about 7 shots (Shoot low into its body).

Here you have a couple choices.  If you're truly a weapons stud, you can take your choice of weapon and ammo and all four crests outside with you, now.  I found this difficult, in practice, so I recommend the following:

25.  Take (shotgun, shells, baretta, clips & two crests), equip shotgun, go out to  caretaker's room and shoot zombie in closet, get shells, then equip your baretta. Head outside via main hall/dog hall etc.  Shoot dog.  Place two emblems.  Go back in to storeroom and get last two crests, go back out and place them.

31.  Push stairs, get crank.  Get key from barrel.  (Your inventory is now full).
  Equip baretta.

32. Step outside, turn 90 degrees left back up a step & start shooting 3 dogs.
Leave herbs for your eventual return.

33.  Head through gates, crank water off, cross bridge, run through snakes, go down elevator

34.  Start shooting dogs from elevator.  3 dogs here.
34.  Hiding in the elevator is a good idea since the dogs can't circle around you.

35.  Run to exit, start shooting 3 more dogs.  Last dog hides around corner, sometimes.
Enter guardhouse, push statue down hallway over vine hole.

36.  Head to save room.  Get clips, leave spray (we'll be back).  Store crank, baretta.


37.  (Take shotgun, shells, & desk key).  Go across hall to dorm 001 get redbook.
Use key in desk, get shells, get key from corner, get C. Room key from tub in bathroom.

38. (have shotgun, shells, desk key, redbook, c. room key) go to bee room, get key 002 go to dorm 002, unlock door, discard key, enter.  Kill zombies, get shells from desk, push cabinets, go down.

39.  Push crates to make passage, enter water, go through doors, head right then left around corner to c. room (door on left of two doors).  Skip shark FMV if it comes up. Pull lever, push button.

40.  Go next door, get 003 key, clips, shells (Shotgun, shells, clps, redbook, 003k)

41.  Exit, go straight across to root room, get desk key.  Head back upstairs to dorm.

42.  Stop off in dorm 002 bathroom to get clip, head out to dorm 003.  Get ink ribbon in desk, put red book in shelf.  Kill zombie in bathroom, get clip.

43. exit room, (back the way you came! not to plant) back to hallway, go to statue near room 002 and push it, pick up two greens, mix.

44.  Return to save game room, use ribbon.  Load up shotgun, shells and first aid/herbs (don't forget the spray there)


45. Fight the plant.  Stand next to the fireplace, blast away, don't die.  :)
Get key, go out & encounter Wesker.  Don't touch the things on the floor there.

46.  Go to dorm storeroom, swap items (take shotgun, shells, key) head back to mansion.
Before entering mansion, pick up 2 reds, green, mix, additional green, mix.  Don't pick up last green, need one spot for doom book.

47.  Go in mansion, (skip hunter fmv) shoot first hunter.  Unlook den, get 1st doom book.  Head through single door, shoot hunter there.

48.  Store book, take shotgun, shells, key + healing.  Going to fight Mr. Snake again.


49.  Go out, upstairs Run left, past hunter around corner to door & enter.  (there is an herb there, too).

50.  Enter door on right, look at piano, fight snake, go to hole, jump down, push button on crypt, go down again.

60.  Zombie & shells off to right, zombie ahead.  kill them, get shells, go through door.  Ignore zombies at end of hall & go through door to kitchen.

61.  Ignore key.  Go to elevator in back.  Kill or stomp zombie there.
Go up elevator.

62.  Kill zombie to right, then head right to closet.  Get shells (2) & battery.
Return directly to elevator, go down.

63.  Exit back way.  (skip fmv) shoot zombie, go down, (& up) stairs.  Go around corner, unlock door.

64.  Go through door & RUN!  Hunters await, but hug left wall & exit.  They won't touch you.

65.  Go through dining room, hall, art room & RUN! through dog hall which is now spider hall.  If you run, they won't get you.

66.  This next hall has one hunter.  Just run by him, although he'll get one slash at you, it won't hurt you noticeably.  Just head for the exit doors and return to the storeroom.


67. An extra word here about your options next:
This is TOUGH.  If you don't take a trip back, you can't carry enough to fight the nasty spider.  Your options are:
a) take battery, crank, 1 slot ribbon, shotgun & shells.
This is not easy since you can't pick up the F. aid spray/flamethrower because you must have a slot open for the HEX crank.
b) take battery, crank, shotgun & shells, pick up F. aid & flamethrower.  This is tough, too, because I found I needed 2 first aids to kill the spider.  It was close, though.  With luck you might make it.
c) Go back with square crank to mansion & exchange for herbs after getting hex crank so I could get an extra heal in before tackling spider & could bring a single ribbon back with me to save game.  This took an additional four minutes to do.  (However, even doing this, I completed in 2:38, plenty of time)

To continue:

For option (c), take battery, crank, shotgun, shells.
68.  Go outside, as a bonus for leaving Rebecca to meet her demise, no hunter awaits you.  Cross waterway, go down install bettery.
Go up now active elevator, crank waterway back.  (There was an extra green herb by the door to take if you're not 100%)

69.  Go back down elevator, down ladder, enter door on your right.  Pick up flame thrower & equip.  Go to back, pick up what you can but leave one slot open for crank!  Head off to Enrico room.  leave clips, run back, torch 2 hunters get hex crank.

70.  Exit doorway, run past hunter (he won't touch you) exit next door.  Pass next hunter (he's likely to get you once or twice) return flame thrower to unlock door.  Exit quickly!

71.  If you're doing (c) scenario, run back to house, heal, drop off square crank take shotgun, shells, 2 full healings, hex crank and a single ribbon if you want to save in the lower hallway.  Return, crank the hallway around and save game if you're so inclined.  (With two healths, you should make it past the spider)


72.  Exit door, get flamethrower trigger boulder.  Walk to boulder, torch hunter. Go through doors, kill spider (with shotgun).  Once it's dead, exit double doors the way you came in and re-enter spider room.  The little spiders will be gone.

73.  Use knife or flamethrower to open other door, exit and head left to save game room.


74. Take shotgun, shells, hex crank, medal (from doom book) and flamethrower. leave, cross hall, put up flamethrower to unlock door.  Watch for snakes, exit door.

75.  Go right, crank hall 3 times.  (Don't need to activate boulder here)
Enter room, push statue, crank wall, uncrank wall, push statue, get 2nd doom book.
Leave, go back to intersection & head out exit to above.

76.  Open books, place medals, get the two greens and mix.  Go down fountain, run to ladder, go down.  At box, drop off crank, & take only shotgun, shells and a health would be prudent.

77.  Exit to lab level b2.  Kill 3 zombies, get 2 greens, mix.  Head downstairs to b3.
Go left avoid slow but deadly naked zombies (not hard) enter doors on left.  Turn on computer, "john" password "ada" unlock doors on b2 password "mole"

78.  Go back up to b2 and enter previously locked door.  Open panel, push button, get key.  Go back down.  Head left again past unlocking room.  You will have to kill one zombie before you get to the next door, the control room.  Enter, kill 3 white zombies.

79.  If you have those herbs, might as well go to power room on right & power up elevator.  Turn on computer in first room & generator in second.  Go back to save game room (which was straight ahead as you came in the control room door) & save game.  (ribbons there plus herb & magnum round which we don't use).


80.  Off to kill Tyrant!!  I like the baretta since I like to shoot him from a distance and by now you have lots of rounds.  Takes only 10 shots or so from a distance, though. But take whatever weapons/herbs you feel comfortable with.  Since we didn't save anybody, you don't need to battle Tyrant again at the end (a nice timesaver :) Exit the save room, head to elevator on right and take it.

81.  After dispatching Tyrant, pick up the lab key off Wesker's body, return to save room and pick up your shotgun, shells and a couple herbs.  (have two roof things to dodge and three zombies to shoot) Save a space for the flare and you don't have to stop at the box upstairs. You can save your game if you want to, here, but there's not much left.


82.  Head out lab doors to hallway, head right, avoid creatures there, go up stairs to B2.  Kill three zombies, exit.  Take ladder up, unlock elevator with lab key.  Pick up battery, use it to open door.  Go out, pick up flare use it.

You're done!  Wait around for videos to finish and get your Rocketlauncher!!
Took me 2 hours, 38 minutes 13 seconds.

Please then go back and avenge poor Rebecca, won't you?

After all the hours it took me to devise the way to get it, I found I squealed  uncontrollably when I blew up my first zombie with the launcher the next time through!!   WheeeeEEEEEeee!!! :)